Monday morning

Have you ever had one of those days that start, after an insane lack of sleep due to your second born child and the cat, when your first born child wakes you up by screaming in your face and so you flip out on said child, flip out on your spouse (sorry) and flip out on yourself for flipping out on everyone else, realize the oldest kid’s bed is soaked in spilled sippy cup milk and the contents of her diaper, change the bedding then manage to bundle the two children and their mountain of crap off to MyGym to burn off steam but end up listening to the youngest scream the entire ride until he is drenched with sweat, only to run into a person you know from the health club who tells you that she saw you last week and thought you were pregnant but now realizes it’s just “baby weight”, then bundle your two kids and their mountain of crap into the car where the youngest screams the entire ride to “art camp” where a friend manages to rock him to sleep only to have him wake up on the way home because your oldest screams in his ear which leads him to scream the whole ride until he is drenched in sweat and the skies open in a torrential downpour which prolongs the suffering in the car because you must drive 20 miles an hour on the freeway, then get soaked to the skin bringing the children and their mountain of crap into the house in several trips, then finally getting the youngest to sleep but endure an Oscar winning tantrum from the oldest upon leaving her to nap without a leaking sippy cup of milk?



6 responses to “Monday morning”

  1. Rachel

    Oh, Cheris – what a sucky day. Glad it’s over. Here’s to tomorrow getting better. 🙂

  2. shannou

    Oh gosh!

    I send hugs and the reminder that later on, the good, warm and adorable days will make you forget this one.

  3. Mary

    Oh yes, I have had those days! It’s the kind of day that makes you check the clock 50 million times and ask yourself “Is it bedtime yet?” I am sorry you had a bad day! Hopefully today will be better!

  4. Amber

    Hell yes I’ve had that day. With slight variations I was having the same day at the same time! I’m sorry. I tried drinking to ease the pain. I believe today will be better! Keep your chin up. Things will get easier and these days will happen less and less often.

  5. Leah

    sorry lady. wish i could come scoop up kids for a few hours so you could relax…

  6. Mom

    First, I have to say that the universe is kind because the adorableness memories ALWAYS out-weigh the flip-out memories. (BTW…thanks for refreshing mine…NOT!).

    I remember days like that and I understand!!! The big picture is that you are doing an amazing, and often thankless, job as Mommy. Amber is right. Those days will happen less and less. In the meantime, sigh…


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