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Graham’s Numbers:

  • age — 9.5 weeks
  • weight — 11 pounds 14 oz, 50th percentile
  • length — 22.5 inches, 40th percentile
  • spit-ups — less than ten
  • boogers/snot — more than ten pounds
  • smiles — near constant
  • hours sleeping at night — not enough (okay… 4-5 hour stretches)
  • thoughts on the universe — still contemplating
  • times his sister has dropped her full sippy cup on him — once
  • other Violet-inflicted owies — a few, but he’s tough and she’s trying to be careful


Violet’s Latest Comments:

  • After she repeatedly told me not to put her toys away, she took the box from me and said, “Mommy, I gave you a chance!”
  • After I told her that I had a headache she said, “Play puzzles with me, your head feel better!”
  • After I jokingly told Graham to hurry up and get in the car she said exasperatedly, “Mommy, he can’t hurry up. He’s a baby. He can’t walk. He can’t stand up.”

3 responses to “the latest”

  1. shannou

    Awwww! So cute! Thanks for keeping us all up on the latest. It’s the best thing a distant auntie has next to being there. I think of you guys a lot and am so happy to get to see these adorable ones get bigger at least virtually.

  2. Leah

    ditto to what shannou said!

  3. melanie

    graham certainly has a mischeveous look in his eye!

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