Big Girl Bed Saga

I decided that giving her a choice was freaking her out. I understand; we all love her sleeping cage. So Saturday Rob dismantled the crib and set up the bed, including frame and box spring. She seemed to like it:


But the nap that day was a scream-fest. That night Rob stayed with her until she fell asleep. Saint among fathers, I think. Yesterday was fine, even though she got up at 6:30 Sunday and today. Ungodly. Today’s nap was a struggle, though. She kept shouting something about her diaper. And, believe me, she’ll try any ruse to get us to come back, so I’m not falling for it. Still, I really fear what I may find when I go in there.

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  1. Amber

    Yeah, Davis lies at nap too. Good luck! Love, amber

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