The Insanity

I’ve written hundreds of blogs in my mind… mostly at 1 and 4 in the morning. Thing is, I can’t blog one-handed. Also, I’ve only had 4 hours of consecutive sleep for the past 6 weeks. So I’m a little foggy. And every time I sit down I fall asleep. So I’m going to have to rethink my blogging style.


Six weeks… wow. Six weeks felt like six years with Violet. Now I can’t believe how fast it’s going. Granted, Graham is one mellow little boy so far. Of course the family helped a great deal. And this time I have my mamas to keep me sane. Here’s part of the email about Graham’s arrival that I sent to said mamas:

“…When I arrived at 4 a.m. Saturday I was only 3.5 cm, which was disappointing, since I’d been having contractions all day. Five hours later, I was only 4.5. ACK! And since I’d been awake for 2 days, I was so exhausted I could barely stand up to help this kid along. I was getting dehydrated and my contractions were becoming erratic and weak, even though my water had broken. My theory is that I like being pregnant so much my body wants to keep it that way. So I asked for the pitocin/epidural whammy. Seconds after the guy taped the IV to my back, I was pain-free! And I could still move my legs! And I could still feel all the pressure I needed for pushing! I told him he was awesome and immediately fell asleep. After a 45 minute power nap, I woke up, completely refreshed and ready to push. I’d gone from 4.5 cm to 10 in that time. Ten minutes later Graham was born. I can’t even tell you how different this was from St. David’s. For one thing, I was able to watch him being born (last time I was too focused to open my eyes, and there were a million nurses and the vacuum, so I couldn’t have seen much). There was no panic, no whispers of c-section, the room and the hospital was calm. I got to hold him instead of them whisking him away to the NICU. Just amazing. I didn’t have to change rooms the entire time. I had the same wonderful nurse for pre and post-partum. We got to keep Graham in the room with us, and no one really bothered us for 2 days. Honestly, it felt like vacation. And I seem to have recovered quicker than last time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still milky/bloody/stitchy, but it’s less severe this time. (aside: Rob and my mom were the best labor team in the whole wide world).

Violet came to visit the afternoon of Graham’s birthday. After hugging me she went over to his crib and gasped. Then she stretched out her arms and said “I hold him!” Every so often, since we got home, she’ll wander over to him, lay her head on his chest and whisper, “I love you baby brother”. I haven’t been able to wear mascara all week because of the random crying I’ve been doing. Most of it from happiness. (Not that there haven’t been little bouts of jealousy) Of course, I had a complete hysterical meltdown the 3rd day when my milk came in, but I’ve been able to get a grip on myself since (we’ll see how it is when Rob goes back to work and all the help disappears). And I’m completely in love with this baby. He is the zen master. I know it’s only the first week, but the difference between him and his sister is already startling. He doesn’t even flinch when she jams toys into his tiny hands and crushes his head with kisses. And Rob is absolutely bonkers for both of them right now…”


Six weeks later, Graham is still pretty zen, despite the fact that Violet is a whirling dervish of destruction and comes within millimeters of smooshing him about every 30 seconds, and despite the fact that he’s pretty unhappy between 7-9, right when we’re trying to get Violet to bed. (This is why we aren’t going to let the kids outnumber us.)

I could go on, but I need to post this while both of the offspring are napping. More (and shorter) posts may follow.

4 responses to “The Insanity”

  1. Granny

    Hurray!! I’m so happy to see more blogging!! You are doing a wonderful job dear daughter and it will get easier! LOVE!!!

  2. Leah

    YAY! you guys look great. so sweet that V LOVES her baby brother. we miss you guys!!!!! even if you can’t blog keep posting pictures on flickr i feel like i can watch them grow that way!!!

    Love ya!

  3. Kristen

    Ahh…zen baby. I’m hoping for a sleepy, sling-happy baby too! You make it sound so manageable – thanks! Baby # 2 is due here in two weeks. I hope this time around my tears are of joy as well 🙂 Congrats again!!

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