All Systems Go

We’re ready. Well… as ready as we’ll ever be. The house is completely clean, lawn mowed, various infant seats sanitized and set up, diaper station stocked, newborn clothes washed and hospital bags packed. We figure Thursday would be a good day because Rob will have a break in a huge project he’s doing, and the house will still be moderately clean. According to the contestants, The Boy will make his appearance as early as the 15th (Shannon) and as late as May 2nd (Gretchen… what the…?). Strangely, many of our friends from college guessed 4/20. Can’t quite figure that one out. And to answer everyone’s question: yes, we think we have a name, and, no, we’re not telling. HA!

Aside from the increasingly uncomfortable Braxton-Hicks contractions, I feel fine. It’s just that… toddlers are very low to the ground. Who knew. And I can’t seem to bend at the waist anymore. So to do the 50 million things a day that 2-year-olds require I either have to bend sideways with one leg sticking up behind me, or completely sit on the ground. This would be okay, except that it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to get up again. So, yes, I’m tired.

Thankfully we’ve had one last weekend to rest and prep for the impending craziness. Granny and Uncle Joe took Violet for two whole days (THANK YOU!!!). We were able to get all of the aforementioned to-do list finished (actually, I mostly did the no-bending chores and directed Rob, who slaved away), plus go on a date (anyone living in Austin, you must see this). I even took a bubble bath and slept in. Ah heaven.

Of course Violet had way too much fun, didn’t ask about me and didn’t really want to come home. Ingrate.


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  1. Ba (Beth to others)

    Yeah, read the predictions about DOB/TOB and even as graying as I am, I do live in Santa Cruz County, California and have laughed (a lot) to myself about the 4/20 thing.

    hey…Anybody got any brownies?

    Love the shot of Violet nursing her little baby – had my own little niece nurse her baby doll when I sat down one day to nurse Sarah eyons ago. Very nice that it is such a natural and normal event for her (as it should be for us all).

    Man, her little feet are pink!

    My prediction? The little fella will show up when he decides its okay to poke his head out!!

    Sending all of you all my love for this upcoming birth.

  2. Auntie Grams

    Good to see your post Ba. I didn’t pick up on the 4/20 thing because numbers only went to 19 when I was young. tee hee

    I’ve been trying to call my sister (Grannie Annie) all morning to no avail.

    Violet is a little doll. I can’t wait to see baby boy X. Hurry!

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