36 Weeks…

… or 37. I’ve lost count. In any case, The Boy will be arriving soon-ish. Anyone care to make a guess as to the exact date/time? Whoever is closest will win fabulous prizes. His official due date, as you may recall, is April 22nd. Keep in mind that Violet was born two days after her due date (if that makes any difference).
Now… go guess. You’ve got a week (until Easter).


31 responses to “36 Weeks…”

  1. shannou

    I’m goin’ for April 29, 7am. 🙂

  2. Amber

    I say, April 17, 11:14 AM

  3. Andy

    April 21st, 6:37 pm. Looking forward to those fabulous prizes!!

  4. Rob

    Violet was 2 days later, The Boy shall arrive 2 days earlier. The Dad has spoken.

    So, that’s 4/20, at, oh, let’s say 4:20 pm.

  5. Granny

    I say April 22 at 10:34 in the morning.

  6. Leah

    May 2 at 3:11am any name ideas?

  7. Gretchen

    April 21st at 11:58pm. Just to spite the docs and they’re wacky predictions.

  8. Joe

    April 21st 2am

  9. shannon

    Oooh, I love a game.

    April 15th, 3:07 pm.

  10. Auntie Grams

    Baby boy X will arrive after your water breaks on the pickle aisle at the grocery store. April 19th at 3:30 pm

  11. Auntie Grams

    P.S. You look fabulous my darling niece!

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  13. Stacy C.

    April 24 at 2:43 p.m.

    And, you look great!!!

  14. melanie

    even though The Dad totally stole my 4/20, I’m still guessing 4/20, but at 4:20 AM!!!!! SUCK ON THAT!!!!!

  15. will

    April 23

    ‘Cause that’s my birthday 😉

  16. Mara

    just to prove to everyone once and for all that your OBGyn has NO idea when the baby is coming… i will leave a guess: 3 days early, between 3:30 and 5 in the morning

  17. Justin

    Ooo…I was totally going for the 4/20 at 4:20, but both time slots have been taken.

    4/24 1:21 PM

  18. Peter

    April 23 at 7:08pm

    Come on, baby, don’t let me down!!

  19. Doug Grey

    Who is that blonde toddler sitting on Cheris’s belly?

    April 19 @ 2:00 AM.

    (if I’m right, you should name the baby after me)

  20. Heather

    April 16th @ 7:01 a.m.

    What’s his name?

  21. Leah

    yeah, what is his name? any ideas?

  22. John

    4/16/10:09 PM
    John is a good name

  23. Dave Hargrove

    I’m guessing 3:20 PM on 4/20… that way we can celebrate the little guy’s birth for you properly over here in the eastern time zone where we are an hour ahead

  24. reba

    My guess is April 21 @ 8am

    I’m going for two consecutive wins here!

  25. Chris Kardos

    Gotta go with 4/20… I like Dave’s approach with the time difference so I say 3:19pm

    One dollar Bob! suckas.

  26. Dad/Apa

    If you keep letting V sit on “The Boy” It’ll be any day now. But my guess is, hmmm….04/20 at 04:20. Oh dang! I just scrolled up through the guesses and see that Melanie beat me to it.

    OK, so continuing with that theme, 04/19 @ 04:19. Sorry for the early morning hours.

    BTW, you look absolutely fabulous darling!

  27. ulie

    4/18 at noon-ish, and you do look fabulous 🙂

  28. Grampa

    I’m going with 6lbs 9oz on April 16 at 5 pm.

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  30. Gramma Lifford

    I know I’m late with my guess but I think gtandparents should have special privileges. Actually there’s a secret method to my madness which shan’t be revealed until the next Littlest Lifford is born.
    Here’s the guess ( I feel it in my core): April 26th at 7:37pm.

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