January was… um… busy. Ice storm, ear infection, new molars, extra freelance and visitors. But the latter made up for all the insanity.


Two of my best friends from college and their partners came to visit for the weekend. I feel so flattered they actually flew down here from the NE just for little ol’ us, but I suspect the warm weather had something to do with it. I felt obligated to warn them about our new toddler lifestyle, which includes getting up at the crack of dawn and seriously revolves around naps and veggie booty. They assured me that this was fine and that they’d arrive from the hotel each morning to help me prepare breakfast. Then we all realized two things: 1) getting four pre-baby women out of a one-bathroom hotel room before 11 a.m. was ridiculous, and 2) the pregnant mother of a toddler will fall asleep after 10 p.m. even if she’s downtown with friends eating s’mores and listening to an amazing story about hiking Machu Picchu (sorry Leti… it wasn’t your narration, I swear!).

But it was an insanely fun whirlwind weekend that included disk golf, a weird security guard, good music, surly service people, good food, hiking, a pick-up truck (minus the dog) and, of course, two-steppin’. I got to relive a bit of my pre-baby years and my friends got to contemplate the realities of their ticking clocks. (Insert evil laugh)


Gramma and Grampa came the next weekend to celebrate Rob and Violet’s birthdays. (Am I a bad mommy for running to Walgreens the night before my little girl turned two, buying a package of blueberry muffin mix and pretending it’s cake? Am I bad for not throwing her a party? Naaahhhh… she’d been getting a solid week of gifts and attention from all sides. And we figured this is the last year she truly won’t care what happens on her birthday. Her favorite part was the singing anyway.) The grandparents gave us much needed time to relax. We even went to a childbirth refresher course and, gasp, a date!

Thank god for grandparents.

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