Wordy Update

Written several weeks ago:

Don’t be fooled, she knows more than she lets on.

Last night Rob and Violet were doing their nigh-night rocking/reading routine. Then, apparently, Rob got lazy because he just started leaving out words. No worries, though, because Violet promptly filled them in for him. This seems to work not just for rhymes, but basically any end of a phrase or sentence. She also can sing most of the songs on the Sara Hickman CD, even those in Hebrew. Let it be known the girl can pay attention.

As far as language learning, I’m starting to miss the baby talk she’s dropping. Anything ending in an “ny” was pronounced “nin”. So Granny was “Rannin” and Barney was “Barnin”. But now “Ranny” and “Barney” are making their appearance. Monkey is still “muh-nin”, but I think it’s the “k” sound that has her flummoxed. Initial consonants and blends are still also a mystery. The “h” sounds seems to be a convenient filler. So shirt is “hurt” and tree is “hree”. Also going is the dramatic pause between each word. “Mommy. Eat. Cereal.” She doesn’t seem to need to think before the next word pops out of her mouth.



Well, my blog and many other things were put on the back burner for a good solid month and a half. From Thanksgiving to Christmas it seemed that at least one of us in this household was sick. Rob had to take two separate rounds of antibiotics and Violet had a double ear infection that would not go away. Ahhh… holiday fun. I just felt… um, feel… tired. Then my computer died.

But now everyone is healthy, Violet is back in “school” two mornings a week and couldn’t be happier about it. I have a shiny new computer and a passel of editing work about to come in, so I should post while I can.

Since the above account of Violet’s wordiness, she has continued to amaze and entertain with her verbal skills. I still sometimes have to act as translator to the outside world, but words are getting more and more clear. She just kills us with “I love you, Mommy!” or “Good job, Daddy!” (usually after he plays her a song on the guitar). There is running commentary about the toys she’s playing with, the things she’s eating, the way she’s doing something, the things she did earlier that day, the things she imagines her friends are doing right that minute, the things she’d like to do in the near future (aka: right now), the condition of her diaper or various (imagined) owies. Oh, and she’s very proud that she can now reproduce the final “k” sound. Today she was playing with her pig and saying, “Oy… K! Oy… K!” When we explain something to her she nods sagely and replies, “ooohhh” with a rising and falling intonation. She’s also getting a handle on plural and possessive “s”.  And the singing continues. She sings herself to sleep… in the dark… for 45 minutes. Sings herself awake. Sings in the car, to her toys, to her food. She sings the alphabet song and gets about half the letters right. And she recognizes a few. Also, she counts to 11. A few more numbers and she’ll be smarter than mommy and daddy combined.

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  1. Granny Mom

    Aw…such a sweet picture of my 2 most favorite girls! It’s no surprise Violet is smart and musical…just look at mommy and daddy!

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