Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Christmas was very laid back. Granny came over in the morning to watch Violet open her thousands of presents. This basically took until 3 p.m. because we wouldn’t give her another gift until she tired of the first. New phrase learned: “Rip it!”


She did rake in the gifts. Rob and I didn’t give her squat because we knew how much she was going to get and we figured that this is probably the last year we can get away with it. (Evil? Or genius?) Santa didn’t come to our house either. We never really talked to Violet about him. I half-heartedly attempted the sitting-on-Santa’s-lap picture, only because we knew the Santa in question. But she would have none of it.


And we did go to the Alamo Christmas Sing-a-long and downtown caroling event (led by the aforementioned Santa, plus Jesus) culminating at a 6th street bar for milk and cookies. Mmmm. Maybe those events left a big impression. Her school is run by a church, so they weren’t big on Santa. Still, Violet has never mentioned Jesus but seems mysteriously aware of Santa somehow. Maybe she and her friends get together to chat about it in secret toddler-talk. Another surprise was that she mentally cataloged exactly who gave her what gift. So now, weeks after Christmas, she still announces the giver of the present before touching it. I wonder whether she thinks Mommy and Daddy are a couple of cheap-skate grinches.


New Year’s Eve while pregnant. Yay. Big fun. Rob and Violet were both still getting over being sick. So no parties for us. But we did meet a group of friends and their kiddos for First Night: an excellent downtown event for families. Parade at 5:30, wacky art installations, people-watching and fireworks at 7. Violet went to sleep on time and didn’t even wake up at midnight when everyone in the neighborhood set off fireworks. We were cozily ensconced on the sofas, and went to bed soon after. Sleep: my favorite hobby.

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