… the littlest Lifford. And he is a boy. Oh boy is he ever. As the doctor said about the first boy-parts confirmation viewing, “Imagine he’s sitting naked on a Xerox machine.” Sure enough, everything was there, in plain sight.

Rob and I were not surprised. All the grandparents have been telling us it’s a boy from the beginning. I’ve been having boy-baby dreams the whole time (as opposed to the alien dreams I had with Violet. Imagination? You decide.) In fact, Rob and I both had had boy-baby dreams the night before the ultrasound. This is more interesting when you consider that Rob very rarely remembers any dreams. So as we sat there in the semi-dark doctor’s office watching our next kid wiggle around on TV and hearing the news, we just kind of grinned goofily. Less of the dramatic “It’s a GIRL!” moment, like when Violet was born, and more of the very cozy “ahhh yes, a boy will be just fine” moment.

Through all this, the kid was very relaxed, lazily floating with both hands behind his head just like he was sitting in a comfy hammock. So far this kid is much more calm that his sister, Flippy, was. Although he does seem to be siphoning off all of my immunity. Yes, I am sick again. Oh how it sucks to be sick, pregnant and a mother of a toddler. (as previously noted)

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  1. shannou

    yay! congratulations!
    i hope you feel bettter, Cheris. let me know if there’s anything i can do. 🙂

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