I must say I was very excited about Violet’s Halloween costume. I got it in the early summer at the AustinMamas garage sale. It was a crocodile costume. There were even mad plans to dress up Rob as Steve Irwin. (Too soon?)

And yet, with kids, plans must be tossed sometimes. Violet was terrified of the thing. This child, who will willingly fling herself to the cement just for the thrill, who would jump from the top of the playground if her mommy would let her, who doesn’t bat an eye when bowled over by a big kid, who wrestles with the cat, who likes to hang out in a dark bathroom… turned into a puddle of tears when confronted with the evil crocodile costume. We tried everything: dressing ourselves in the costume, dressing up her dolls, stuffed animals, the rocking horse, hanging out with it laying around the living room for a week. No dice.

In the end we begged a “onesie” costume from Amber. So she was a pumpkin. Or a happy carrot. Whatever.


We didn’t go trick-or-treating. Plenty of years ahead for that sugary tradition. But she very much enjoyed opening the door for all the neighborhood kids. And the ’05 Mamas party was a blast… even though I didn’t win the cake walk.

2 responses to “Halloween”

  1. Shannon

    I think she makes a great pumpkin! But the Steve Erwin/crocodile costume combo would be highlarious. Maybe next year! 😉

  2. Granny

    She is a “pumpkin-head” after all!

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