Violet and I went to open house for her “school” last Thursday. We were the first ones there, and Violet was actually shy for a few minutes. Then she jumped down and started gleefully jamming a doll into a toy high chair. Repeatedly.

The open house calmed my nerves a bit. The room was much bigger than I had remembered from our first tour. And there were two teachers rather than one. And they’re very nice. They listened patiently and explained everything carefully even though I was asking a million neroutic questions. The part I have the most trouble fathoming is that they expect the kids to sit at the table for lunch. Ha! Hahahah… If I didn’t strap Violet in she’d be dancing on the table during every meal.

In the hour and a half we were there, I ducked out a couple times to run to the office. From the hallway I heard Violet worriedly calling “Mama?”. Gulp.

So I’d been anxious all weekend about her first day today. She wore her new outfit…

Violet's first-day-of-school outfit

and I packed her lunch. We were the first ones there again. I put the food in her cubby, handed over a pack of diapers, wipes, diaper cream and a change of clothes, signed in and prepared to leave my kid with a bunch of strangers for four hours. She clung to me like a monkey and whined “noooooo”. So I brought her the doll and shoved it into the toy highchair. “Hmmm…” I could see her thinking, “I do believe I had fun with this last time.” One of the teachers stepped in and began playing with her. I kissed her, told her I’d be back soon, and left.

Okay… I didn’t leave. I stood outside the door and peeked in the window for a few minutes. She was playing and talking to the kids. Mommy? Who’s mommy?

Then I went grocery shopping. Was she okay? Wow, it’s so relaxing to shop without a toddler. Was she eating her lunch? Hmm, putting away groceries without a kid underfoot is amazingly easy. Was she actually sitting down during circle time? Look at me, prepping dinner in the morning, wheee! Was she hitting other kids for taking her toys? Maybe I’ll go get a much needed haircut. Was she being an overtired maniac? Dang, I miss eating lunch in my car while listening to talk radio. Will she cry when she sees me? Will I feel guilty?

I arrived 15 minutes early, made myself sit in the car for 5 minutes and then peeked in the window. She was standing in front of the mirror, shaking her head wildly from side to side and making weird faces at herself. Perfectly content. When I finally walked in she didn’t cry. (Yay! No guilt!) She siddled over to me and lifted her arms. When I picked her up she put her head on my shoulder and squeezed me as hard as she could. Then she just kept hugging me, tiredly happy. This is a kid who has never been able to sit still long enough for a snuggle, even as an infant. Ahhh…

The teachers said she did great, ate all her food (huh? which kid?) and seemed happy. They also said she seems to love music. When the teachers began to sing she dropped what she was doing, cheered, clapped and tried to sing with them. Not too surprising. Rob is very proud, and is still hatching plans of a family band.

I expected her to fall asleep in the car, seeing as how her nap was very late. I even packed the nail clippers so I could finally get at those claws without a fight. But she must have been too wired. It took several books to get her calmed down.

Oh. And the “no”. Violet is very fond of saying “yeah”. She’s very agreeable (even if she doesn’t mean it). But after her nap, everything was “no”. No no no no no. Coincidence? Or is there some child influencing my kid at school? Hmmm? I suspect this is just the beginning. (I can see the future: “My daughter would never ditch class. It must be some other no-good-brat influencing her!” And so on.)

Can’t we just keep her in a little bubble somewhere?

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  1. Leah

    sounds like mama and violet did very well, nice outfit kid! what a surprise she likes music:-)

  2. shannon

    Whee for good first days and peaceful shopping!

  3. Granny

    Oh yeah…I remember!!! You make me so proud my darling, wonderful daughter!! Hi Leah!!

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