Violet by the Numbers

  • months – 19
  • teeth – 11 (and we’ll all be seriously happy when the teething thing is done)
  • weight – 22 lbs 12 oz (25th percentile)
  • height – 31 inches (40th percentile)
  • noggin size – 47 cm (70th percentile)
  • skinned knees so far – lost count
  • times used the potty – 3 (has decided the potty is only a place we read books)
  • signs – 50 or so
  • spoken words – mama, dada, yeah, no, moaam (kitty), down, up, hi (or HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!), bye (or DIE!), nigh-night, whoa, wow, uh-oh, various animal sounds and “dong-ah” which she says constantly, and with conviction, but we don’t know the meaning
  • naps per day – 1 (to my dismay)
  • bedtime – 8
  • airplane trips – 4
  • number of grapes she can eat before throwing up – still more data needed

2 responses to “Violet by the Numbers”

  1. Granny

    She also says jack, tester, no, more and “I love Granny soooo much I can hardly believe it!” It’s a little muffled but I understand her perfectly :^)

  2. Leah

    how long does she laugh with milk in her mouth until she spit it up?

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