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Violet and I went to open house for her “school” last Thursday. We were the first ones there, and Violet was actually shy for a few minutes. Then she jumped down and started gleefully jamming a doll into a toy high chair. Repeatedly. The open house calmed my nerves a bit. The room was much […]

No agent would sign up this kid.

We all blame the cat for getting our day off to a bad start. She woke us up at 6:30 by repeatedly batting the mini-blinds. We were all grouchy, especially Violet, who wailed inconsolably when I had the audacity to take a shower. I figure a little breakfast with the mamas and kids would improve […]

Maybe she needs a little baby backpack.

Okay, she’s not a baby anymore, and I don’t even think kids use backpacks these days, do they? In any case, Violet is going to school. Well… daycare. Well… Mother’s Day Out. Basically she’ll be at a church daycare with 7 other kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-1. This is a big step. And […]

Violet by the Numbers

months – 19 teeth – 11 (and we’ll all be seriously happy when the teething thing is done) weight – 22 lbs 12 oz (25th percentile) height – 31 inches (40th percentile) noggin size – 47 cm (70th percentile) skinned knees so far – lost count times used the potty – 3 (has decided the […]