I fold

As I’ve mentioned in the past, when Violet started to climb, we up-ended the steamer trunk (which doubles as our coffee table) and pushed it out of the way. I figured, we don’t let the cat on the table, why should we let the kid? Well, this worked for a while. Then she started trying to climb up on the sofa. Thing is, her legs are still too stubby. So she was constantly filled with rage. And I was tired of rearranging furniture morning and night.
So I gave up.

She sat on the coffee table almost the entire first day it was righted. Aaaaand now she’s over it. She’ll occasionally go for a bit of a climb, but generally she’s happy just puttering around. For now.

Of course I’ll pay the price when we go to someone’s house and I have to keep her from scaling their furniture. But I’d rather visit the house of “NO” than live there. It’s just too exhausting for everyone involved. (Don’t worry, grandparents, we’re not letting the kid call the shots; we’re just choosing our battles.)
Currently, V-chip is eyeing the bookcase…

2 responses to “I fold”

  1. Granny

    Choosing the battle is good…hope the munchkin is feeling better today!

  2. melanie

    just make sure you don’t live in the house of yes, because if you do, parker posey might shoot you.

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