I’ve never been so happy to see poop!

She did it! She did it! She actually went in the potty! Laaalaalalalaaa!!!

If that’s enough information for you, by all means, clap enthusiastically and navigate away from this blog. But if you’re a sucker for toddler potty tales, gather round.

Violet has continued to sign potty. So we dutifully bring her to the bathroom, take off her clothes, remove the diaper, sit her down on the tiny toilet, and try to keep her entertained. She enjoys the books and songs, but daaaang it’s boring for us. Then she jumps up, tries to play with the big toilet, rummages under the sink looking for poisons and runs nekkid around the house while we try to clothe her again. Repeat endlessly throughout the day.

Today, she jumped up from the potty and began a madcap game of peekaboo with the shower curtain. When she wandered over towards me again, the baby-toilet caught her eye. There was something in the bowl. Indeed, it took us both by surprise. I was cheering and hugging her while she tried to… um… pick it up.

I fully accept that this was a happy accident, and know I’ll still be spending countless hours sitting next to her on the bathroom floor. But still… now I can torture future Mommy-Violet as she’s struggling to potty train her own children by telling her that she used the toilet at 15 months. (insert evil laugh)

2 responses to “I’ve never been so happy to see poop!”

  1. Reen

    W-o-w. Hooray, Violet! A smart cookie you are.

    (Leia loves shower curtain peekaboo too, it n-e-v-e-r gets boring. For her.)

  2. Granny

    Oh, hurray!!! She’s such a big girl! And you didn’t even have to tempt her with M&Ms like I did her Mommy. Oh the horror…it was the only time junk food was allowed…except for Aunt Mary!

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