Dear Violet,

I’m just writing to apologize for giving you your first haircut. Thankfully you’re always in motion, so no one will notice that it’s a total hack-job. It’s just so hard to weld scissors while flailing toddler hands are batting at them. I’m not sure a professional could’ve done better. I think you’re happier with bangs, since you don’t have hair constantly in your eyes. I’m sorry… I know you liked ripping the barrettes off your head and eating them. But that’s probably not good for the digestion. I’m simply looking out for you, sweet girl. And besides, I could shave you bald and you’d still be the cutest. Just remember that next time I come after you with scissors.

before    Before

after    After

4 responses to “Dear Violet,”

  1. Granny

    I think you did a fine job! And Violet seems happy about it!

  2. Leah

    looks good to me. her hair is a really pretty color. she seems like a VERY happy girl to me. plus, she has the best mom ever.

  3. Justin

    Like you said, I don’t think there is anything short of tatoo-ery that could mar the absolute cuteness that is the V-chip.

  4. Dad aka Apa

    She looks great! Good job Mom! She looks thrilled!
    Tell her next time it’s the elcectric trimmers and a bowl. That’ll scare her into submission. (not so much)

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