Holy crap! (Violet update)

Yes, crap is the main subject of this entry. Or, since we’re talking about babies: poo. And it is not for the squeamish. Avert your eyes if necessary.

On Tuesday we went to a free class at My-Gym (coughwishlistcough). While we were waiting for the other moms to show up, Violet looked at me very seriously and made the sign for “toilet”. She had that expression of total concentration, which usually preceeds a diaper change. Disbelievingly, I checked her diaper. Nothing. This happened three more times. Look, sign, check. Look, sign, check. Look, sign, check.On the forth try, bingo! poop. This was truly amazing to me. I didn’t even know she understood the connection between the sign and the act. Granted, every time she visits us in the bathroom we make the sign and try to explain what’s going on. But she gave no indication that anything was getting through. I thought she was just copying us. Was it a fluke? Hmmm… maybe.

My-Gym was baby paradise… except for the “circle-time” in which we’re supposed to sit with our infants on our laps, singing songs and clapping. Violet said, “You idiots! Look at all this stuff we can climb on! I am so outta here!” So I was the one mom chasing her toddler while the other kids obediently marched around clockwise and counterclockwise. After class we headed out to buy a training toilet.

Violet is very interested in her new potty “toy”. She likes to put her feet in it and sit on the edge of the seat. She likes to open and close the lid. She likes to be nekkid and sit there laughing at me while I make grotesque sound effects in an attempt to encourage some potty-action. It’s all a blast for her. For me? Not so much. On the plus side, she has continued to sign before going… or immediately after. So I guess it wasn’t a fluke. But early potty-training is probably too much to hope for. If nothing else, this signing will keep her from getting diaper rash, or at least inform us she needs a change before the stench reaches the far corners of the universe.

Meanwhile, in language-nerd land, Violet has moved to the next level of language acquisition: two-word sentences! Apparently this is a milestone. Yesterday, on several occassions she signed “more apple” and “eat cheese”. Dang it if that isn’t cute. Still, we wanted to teach her sign language so we could know what she wants without the whining. But now it’s hard to encourage her to keep up with the communication without letting her eat her body weight in blueberries.

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  1. Justin

    First of all, any story about poo is good with me, so keep ’em coming.

    And as far as the signing thing is concerned, I have to admit that before actually seeing you guys use it, I was pretty unsure if it really would make a difference. However, like with most things that I have reservations about, I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Signing seems to have made a wonderful impact on the quality of v-chip’s life and on yours as well. Becky and I were so intrigued by your sucesses that we are teaching Bella to sign as well (thanks for the video by the way. We also bought the book if you want to take a peek sometime). Micah has even taken a keen interest in signing and has reequested his own signing book so he can learn more. How cool is that?

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you and Violet (and I guess Rob, too, but I don;t want to over inflate his ego) for the inspiration and the cool poop story.

  2. Becky

    I think it is entirely possible that Violet could potty train early. Isn’t it the right time for you to start working with her on potty training anyway? I vaguely remember it was around 18 months that we got Micah his little training potty. However, Micah still loved wandering around with poop in his diaper at that age. Man, that kid was attached to his crap!

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