Slumber Party

Violet spent the night away from us for the first time on April 29th. It was the night of the Big Birthday Bash for Joe and our friends Merritt, Shannon and Adam. All four of them were born within a week of each other, and this year they all turned 30. So, it was even more festive than usual. We hosted the party last year, but Violet was still young enough to sleep through party-din at that time.

Viciously twisting Granny’s arm, we asked her if Violet could sleep over that night. We could stay out as long as we wanted without paying a sitter, we could sleep in (sleep wha?), and Granny and Violet could have a fun little slumber party. Win/win, right? Well, yes and no.

Recently Rob has taken over the bedtime routine (yes! freedom!), so I wasn’t too worried about that part. I brought the V-chip over around six. At seven we gave her the evening bath. Then I handed her off to Granny. They cuddled with a bottle and books. I left… and cried half the way home. What if she woke up in the night? Yes, this rarely happens, but what if? She’ll be in an unfamiliar place, no mommy or daddy in sight. Granny may do in a pinch, but she’ll surely think I’ve abandoned her, thus marring our relationship forever. What if she’s too cold? What if I didn’t leave enough food? Why did I forget to bring the monitor? Is the pac-n-play too small? Will lightening strike the house? Are killer bees on their way? Etc…

My sense of dread decreased at the party. “Surreal” was the theme. Costumes were encouraged. Rob and I entitled our costumes “It’s surreal we’re even here.” Joe wore a very tiny hat and voodoo-doll-head-necklace. Merritt had a swarm of butterflies around her head. Adam dressed as an EMT (huh?). Shannon was… oh I don’t know. Satan was there, and so was the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Very fun evening.

We got home at two in the morning to a strangely empty house… and we didn’t even have to be quiet. Of course I woke up at seven, as per usual, but quickly and happily fell asleep again. I snoozed until the incredibly decadent hour of NINE.

Turns out Violet went to bed the night before with no incident. She woke up at 5:30 a.m., which is Granny’s MO anyway. Then she willingly took a morning nap. Ha! She did not care that we weren’t there. We were only a foggy memory for her.


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  1. Granny

    You forgot to mention the part about picking Violet up the next morning. Violet and I were on the front walk when you and Rob drove up. You were so anxious to see your baby that jumped out of the car before Rob had a chance to come to a complete stop. Violet saw you, turned around, and started walking toward my front door. No big deal for little Miss V!

  2. Justin

    I remeber Becky and I going through this with both our kids. However, I will say that we got over it pretty quick with the second kiddo. If there ever is a third, I suspect we may just leave him/her in a cardboard box with some grahm crakers and a bottle of water.

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