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I’m currently reading “Inconsolable: How I Threw my Mental Health Out With the Diapers” by Marrit Ingman, who happens to be an Austin Mama. She writes about her post partum depression and her baby’s allergies, both of which were so serious it’s amazing she managed to write something funny. But not ha-ha funny. More like […]

Violet by the Numbers

months – 16 teeth – 10 (six slicers and 4 grinders) weight – 21 lbs 8 oz height – ’bout yay high skinned knees so far – 9 diaper size – 4 times used the potty – 3 most times read “5 Little Ducks” in one sitting – 4 diaper changes – 60 million signs […]

Nuts to single parenting

Nuts to single parenting

As if in protest, Violet started acting crazed the second we dropped Rob off at the airport. Maybe she missed her daddy, maybe she wanted to be with him in Florida (lord knows I did), or maybe she just wanted to see how fast she could drive me mental. Let me tell you, it was […]

I’ve never been so happy to see poop!

She did it! She did it! She actually went in the potty! Laaalaalalalaaa!!! If that’s enough information for you, by all means, clap enthusiastically and navigate away from this blog. But if you’re a sucker for toddler potty tales, gather round. Violet has continued to sign potty. So we dutifully bring her to the bathroom, […]



So when Dad called me and told me he wanted to surprise Joe by showing up on his 30th birthday, I couldn’t have been happier. I selfishly realized that more family in the house means more help with the whirling dervish (Violet’s new pastime is spinning). Plus, when Dad and Sue are involved, so is […]

Dear Violet,

Dear Violet,

I’m just writing to apologize for giving you your first haircut. Thankfully you’re always in motion, so no one will notice that it’s a total hack-job. It’s just so hard to weld scissors while flailing toddler hands are batting at them. I’m not sure a professional could’ve done better. I think you’re happier with bangs, […]

Holy crap! (Violet update)

Yes, crap is the main subject of this entry. Or, since we’re talking about babies: poo. And it is not for the squeamish. Avert your eyes if necessary. On Tuesday we went to a free class at My-Gym (coughwishlistcough). While we were waiting for the other moms to show up, Violet looked at me very […]

Slumber Party

Violet spent the night away from us for the first time on April 29th. It was the night of the Big Birthday Bash for Joe and our friends Merritt, Shannon and Adam. All four of them were born within a week of each other, and this year they all turned 30. So, it was even […]