Violet update

We’ve turned the coffee table (actually an old steamer trunk) up on its side and pushed it against the sofa. That way, Violet is not tall enough to climb on it… yet. Yes, the climbing has begun. I have visions of tiny bodies flinging themselves off countertops onto tile floors. The kid has no concept of gravity. She’ll gleefully walk right off the edge of the bed without a second thought. And no amount of Menacing Mommy will keep her from scaling whatever heights her stubby legs will allow. Thus, the upturned coffee table. Could I use this as an argument with the future 15 year old Violet? “Sweetie, when you were tiny, you had no idea that walking down stairs without bending your knees would lead to a cracked skull. Your synapses had just not made those connections yet. And that’s why you can’t understand how dropping out of school to start a band is not a good idea right now. Okay?”
Meanwhile, signing is increasingly more fun and useful. When Uncle Joe is babysitting she explains when she would like to drink “milk”, or “eat” a snack, or “more” of either. She tells us when she wants to “swing”, or when she’s “all done” and wants “down” (I really wish she’d start using “up” though, rather than grabbing my leg and wailing pitifully). She lets me know I’m putting on my “shoes”, that there are “fish” in the water and that it’s a tad “windy”, “cold”, “hot” or something “hurts”. She loves to play with her “ball” and incurs my wrath when she yanks a “flower” off the plants. Apa will be pleased to know she announces that there is an “airplane” flying overhead anytime she hears one.

As far as actual speaking, she has rediscovered the “g” sound. So babbling is a little more varied. Still likes “hi, idea” though. But she’s quite fond of explaining what a dog says (grunt grunt grunt) and what a kitty says (“mawm mawm”) and what a bird says (a kind of high pitched noise that has no onomatopoeia). Still, sometimes I get the feeling she’s only doing it to humor me, and wondering why her mommy is so dumb that she can’t remember what a fricken bird says.

Oh, and she got her fifth skinned knee today. Nobody ever told me you can’t keep a band-aid on a toddler. What are you supposed to do about that?

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  1. Granny

    So now you need to write about her first slumber party! …at least from Mommy’s perspective. From the Granny perspective, it was great!

  2. Granny

    It seems that Violet has gained some appreciation for height. She decided she was finished resting with me on my fairly high bed so she scooted on her butt to the edge of the bed until her feet were hanging over, then grabbed my hand and slid off the bed. It was very deliberate and really cute!

  3. Becky

    We ended up completely removing our coffee table for a while. Micah climbed and whacked into thing (a deadly combination we thought).

    Band-aids for toddlers – the waterproof kind. They stay on awesome! Trust me.

  4. Regina

    I know that Rylee is younger than Violet, but the climbing started at about 7 1/2 months. It didn’t take too many falls on the head for her to learn to climb down feet first. She’s now a pro at climbing up and down the sofas, the bed (which is about 4″ taller than she is) stairs, and just about anything else. Our one ‘climbing feat’ to yet overcome are the small uneven cracks in the sidewalks that she for some reason sees as feet instead of centimeters. She stops and ‘climbs down’ the small uneven spaces…which I’m sure in her eyes is better than tripping and falling face down that horrible distance she sees.

  5. Tom

    Well its good to see that my niece has a thing for climbing, good thing i’m getting station at a place that has a lot of climbing and hiking areas. When you guy’s come up there, I’ll introduce her to rapelling as well.

  6. hi, idea » I fold

    […] As I’ve mentioned in the past, when Violet started to climb, we up-ended the steamer trunk (which doubles as our coffee table) and pushed it out of the way. I figured, we don’t let the cat on the table, why should we let the kid? Well, this worked for a while. Then she started trying to climb up on the sofa. Thing is, her legs are still too stubby. So she was constantly filled with rage. And I was tired of rearranging furniture morning and night. So I gave up. […]

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