Random updates

First of all, if you read Rob’s blog you know that Violet has a new cousin. She’s no longer the littlest Lifford. Christopher William was born April 20th. We can’t wait to see them when we go to New York in July.

And we’re happy to have Tom and Andy back from Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively. I’m just hoping they’re not deployed again any time soon. Lord knows Grandma Reed doesn’t need anything else to worry about. She’s currently occupied with the chance one of her grandkids will drive in the rain today.

5 responses to “Random updates”

  1. Mom

    Are you picking on Grandma Reed?

  2. Mom

    I’m telling!

  3. dick reed

    Great photo of Volet, We had spanish in schools back in the 40s, when did they stop teaching it in schools?people moving here need to learn our ways & comply with laws

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