Satan Baby returns

When Violet was a sleeping newborn, her eyes would flicker halfway open and roll back in different directions as she dreamed. Kinda scary. So I called her Satan Baby. The name seemed apt once again when she started vocalizing her mamamaaa’s in a gravely voice stolen from “The Exorcist”. It’s a tad bit terrifying to hear that sound coming from your sweet little munchkin, or, worse, to hear a satanic “Mama!” echoing through the baby monitor.

Lately she only performs that feat on special occasions. Now, her most recent Satan Baby trick is to run around shouting “DIE!! Die. Die. Die. DIE!!” Hmmm… this gives me pause. Maybe I should blame it on the shirt:

Violet Shirt

2 responses to “Satan Baby returns”

  1. Mom/Granny

    I love this picture!!! Look at that face!

  2. Megan Stevenson

    Cheris! Just found your site! That’s such a scary story of your satan baby, but she’s an adorable little demon, isn’t she?

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