Be careful… the baby is watching…

Yesterday we were standing by the car. I was fumbling with the keys, as usual, and dropped them, as usual. Violet calmly picked them up, walked to the door, and tried to unlock the car. Whoa. For some reason, this blew me away. Obviously she sees me use the keys every day, but I had no idea she was really watching me and trying to figure out exactly what I’m doing. It’s almost like the monkeys starting to use tools in 2001: A Space Odyssey. (Did she just compare her daughter to a monkey? Yes, yes she did.)  Hmm… maybe they were using them as weapons… I can’t remember.

It’s scary how much she seems to understand now. I’m going to have to stop cursing like a sailor, I suppose, until she’s old enough to know which situations really merit swears. Last week we feared that she was on the verge of another ear infection. So we bought some preventative medicine and started sneaking up on her, trying to squirt the drops in her ears when she wasn’t looking. Needless to say, she was very offended. Well heck, I thought, why not just explain what I’m doing, give her an example, and see what happens? So, while she was eating breakfast one morning, I took out the bottle. Medicine bottles hold a particular fascination for her, so I had her attention. I cheerfully told her that I was going to put this stuff in her ear, it was going to make her feel better, and that she’s such a good girl. I demonstrated in my own ears, making crazy sound effects to go along with the show. Then I tucked her hair back behind her ears and squirted the gunk in there. She laughed. Repeated with the other ear. She grinned, balled up her fists and held very still. Afterwards I lavished her with kisses and praise. She was very proud of herself.

Ha! I can’t believe it worked! And continues to work! Who knew? I may have to start reasoning with her more often…

4 responses to “Be careful… the baby is watching…”

  1. Mom

    Wow! I love the new look you created! It’s b-e-a-utiful…just like you!

  2. Dad

    OK, but don’t become one of those parents that trys to “reason” with their two year old when they need a good beating. On the other hand, you might be on to the “monkey see, monkey do” style of parenting. After all, you compared her to a monkey and you gave her the demonstration. Anyway, I think she’s just as smart as a chimp but way cuter.
    God, is Violet going to grow up and read this someday? I hope not. She’ll never speak to me again. I’m sorry future Violet!

  3. Dad aka Apa

    That’s OK, as long as the bruises don’t show 😉 Sorry Annette, you know I’m kidding; right? You’ll get used to my twisted sense of humor. Cheris and Joe turned out allright. No permanent scaring.

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