Marbridge Garden Festival, the Lantern Festival & Art Outdoors

Violet and Mrs. Chicken

A local nursery a bit south of us held a festival on April Fools weekend. Violet and I met up with our friends Nancy and Evie. (Nancy is also an ESL teacher, Evie was born two days before Violet and Nancy’s husband used to work in the same building as Rob… insert Twilight Zone music here). We spent a lot of the time in the petting zoo. As you can see, Violet seemed concerned about the baby critters, including the human baby critters, who were falling all over each other trying to hug bunnies, pigs, goats, and various water fowl.

Next was the moon-walk-bouncy-bouncy-thingy. We were the only ones in there for quiet a while. It entertained Violet the most when we jumped as high as we could and threw ourselves down, launching her, dangerously, into the air. She laughed. So. Hard. In fact, she cracked up so much I think she wet her pants.

Cheris-Violet-FlowersOn Saturday we went to the Lantern Festival. Moon-walk-bouncy-thingy part two. Violet made some kiddo friends who insisted on playing peek-a-boo or walking around the festival holding her hand. She was not too into the kiddie-train, but rather enjoyed pulling flowers out of the field. Next year she may be actually able to stay up long enough to watch the lantern parade at dusk.
The next day we went with our friends Ann & Craig, their daughter Sophia and Craig’s parents to Art Outdoors. Basically, a bunch of artists and performers hang out in a bit of woods in the middle of the city. Violet and Sophia loved looking at all the crazy paintings and sculptures tucked between the trees and shrubs. I think my favorite was the dreadlock oak. Craigs parents didn’t know what to make of the “monkey chant” and junk art. Afterwards we all needed a cool drink, so we headed to Jovita’s for margaritas/cervezas/sangria. The toddlers danced to the Tejano band.

Gotta love Austin.

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