Why I did it…

Okay, I finally had to suck it up and jump in on the blog bandwagon. Why would I join the ranks of those I secretly scoffed at for so long? Well, the reasons are twofold, or threefold, or multifold… um, there is an origami-crane of reasons.

First of all, I’ve been a journal-writer since I was eight. I’ve got boxes of them in the attic. (Even as a kid I realized that adults don’t truly understand how the mind of a child works. So I wrote with an eye towards my adult self, someday looking for clues about how my own kid feels. Yes, I’m a documenting fool like that.) But, since “the incident” I haven’t had the heart to put pen to paper. “The incident” as some may know, occurred on our road trip from NY to Austin. We stopped at a cheap Louisiana motel recommended in our guidebook. It didn’t take long to realize that this place had degenerated into some kind of crack-den/whore-house establishment. So we decided to splurge and go to a B&B. The next day, somewhere in the middle of East Texas, I realized that my journal was nowhere to be found. And then it hit me; it had fallen out of the car door-well while we were in the crack-motel parking lot. The thought of those hookers and junkies paging through my personal thoughts puts me in a cold sweat to this day. The journal had been almost full. It included our last months in Korea, the difficulty of reverse-culture shock, being in NY on 9/11, our road-trip… so many important moments… all gone. Now, with this medium, it’s almost impossible to lose. Granted, any crack-whore or psycho can read it if they can get to a computer. I know my audience is no longer only my future self, so can’t be as completely uncensored as I once was. But at least this will help me exorcise those writing demons.

And speaking of demons, the need to document everything is a demon that has reappeared full force since Violet was born… actually, since she was conceived. I bought a great “1st year” calendar that was easy enough to use in my new-baby-fog-head state. But now that we’ve reached that birthday, I can’t seem to find anything similar for the second year.

Okay, so the second year isn’t as full of dramatic physical developments like rolling, crawling, walking, the first tooth, the first time the baby falls head-first onto a pile of sharp lumber in front of the entire extended family, etc. But the second year has something my English-teaching heart can’t wait for: WORDS! And now that we’ve delved into the realm of sign language (in an attempt to curb the ear-splitting-scream-producing frustration of the inability to communicate) words are coming at us fast and furious. Oh yes, my wee language experiment is up and running. So here we will record the raw data.

And yet another reason to start a blog has to do with communication. Now that email is ubiquitous, I’m in touch with more people than ever. But do I write to them all the time? Nooooo… Most of that has to do with the fact that the baby is running all over the house trying to pull the cat’s tail off, or climbing the bookshelves. But also I can get burned out writing slightly different versions of the same life updates in each email. I can’t be the only one who feels like that, right? So, is writing a blog to keep people in the loop lazy? Yes. Will I continue? Yes.

But don’t we already have a family blog? Well, sure, Rob set up https://rob.lifford.org/ long ago, awesome nerdy techy that he is. But I’ve discovered, to my amazement, he doesn’t always devote his pontifications to his lovely wife, or even his cute genius daughter. So, maybe the most important reason I’ve started this blog is that it’s about ME. Me me me me. Oh, and Violet.

5 responses to “Why I did it…”

  1. Rob

    Welcome aboard, my pretty.

  2. Mom

    This is an awesome “idea” and you are a terrific writer! I can’t wait to read more. Love!!!

  3. Justin

    Welcome to the bolg-o-sfere! The land of the unspellchecked!

  4. Marta

    Oh my darling Cheris,
    Why do I cry with joy when I see you with Violet???
    I too have joined the blog world. Yikes!!
    Soren has just set up the blog for our dolphin trip which was oh so divine!!!
    It is still in the works. I have a flickr account, but some of the pics are from people on the trip, so please do not copy them!!
    I am dissapointed that you never got my package, but I will send something sweet soon.
    All my love. We will come visit austin one day. I swear!
    love to your nerd and nerdette

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