…and why “hi, idea”?

Well, basically Violet picked it. That’s what she’s saying right now, “Hiiii idea!” All day. “Hi hi hi hi hi hi idea!” I think she may be trying to say “Hi Mama. I have an idea. Why don’t you start a blog and tell the world how great I am?”

And since my blog is piggy-backing on lifford.org rather than using my own domain, I can change the name whenever I want. Or whenever Violet wants, rather.

By the way, please add me to your blog feeds. www.bloglines.com If it wasn’t for this handy tool, I’d never ever ever ever remember to look at anyone’s blog or pictures. And while we’re at it, put all your pictures on Flickr: www.flickr.com so I can be notified when new ones come up, via Bloglines. (Okay Rob, you’ve turned me into a complete and utter nerd. Curses.)

One response to “…and why “hi, idea”?”

  1. Justin

    your blog name is perhaps one of the niftiest ever…
    and I added you to my bloglines, too.

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